Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year...with a new Baby!!!!!

We got quite the surprise the first weekend in December...Check it out!

Baby Smith #2 is due August 13, but due to a repeat C-section they want to take this baby one week early, so we are asking for a scheduled section on August 8th. If I make it that long, which is a BIG if, then the baby's bday would be 8-8-08!

We were going to start trying in Feb/ March, but looks like God had other plans for us! We were so shocked that all in all we took 10 pregnancy tests before we really believed it! ha!! Since the little bambino was such a surprise we have decided to stick with that theme and keep the sex a surprise until the birth.

I am starting my ninth week and even though it was earlier than we planned we are excited to share our "little" secret!!

Here is baby's first picture!