Sunday, January 13, 2008


Anderson is really starting to master eating with utensils. He still makes a little bit of a mess, but does manage to get most food securely in his mouth! He LOVES the act of "stabbing" things with his fork. It can sometimes make mealtime a little on the long side, but he's got to learn somehow, right??

The following pictures are a lovely little series...Anderson now thinks that ANYTHING light in color and round is a cookie...why? I haven't a clue. Anyway, one morning he made his way into the pantry with no one looking and grabbed a bag of tortillas and gleefully announced "cooookeeee". Before I could grab him he had taken a bite out of the tortilla. The look on his face as he realized it didn't taste quite as good as a cookie was priceless and kept us laughing for the rest of the day. The last picture is my favorite. He kept looking at it with this confused little stare as if he could "will" it into a sugar cookie!

We also gave Anderson his very first frozen treat. Yes, I know he is almost 19 months and has never had ice cream. I just wanted to develop some healthy eating habits before introducing him to sweets. I still flaked out on the ice cream and gave him yogurt instead...I know... I am THAT mom. :-) He loved it though as seen in these pics! Of course, he also had to have a taste of mommy's too!

And lastly, a completely off topic picture...This was from a couple of Saturdays ago when my morning (all day) sickness was really at its worse. Jeff was having to be Mr. Mom because I could barley lift my head without getting sick. I am sort of feeling better, but am far from my normal self. I did manage to get the Christmas decorations down...finally, but our house is a wreck. Ms. Karen the housekeeper comes tomorrow and let's just say I hope she doesn't quit! Anyway check out Anderson as dressed by daddy...