Monday, January 7, 2008

What a Miracle

I was always in awe of the human body during my pregnancy with Anderson, but that feeling seems to be even more heightened this time around. Anyone who experiences or even researches the development of a baby must know there is a God. Otherwise, how in the world could you explain all of the millions of miraculous changes that the body experiences that must be perfectly timed in order to sustain and grow a little person!

I love reading developmental websites to see what is going on with our little one. This website is one of my favorites It has little movie clips that inform you about different stages of the babies development.

Another website I love is This week's page had an amazing picture of an actual baby at 9 weeks in utero.

Many of you have been asking how I am feeling and unfortunately I can't say anything poitive! I have been much more sick than I was with Anderson. The morning sickness is more like "All-day" sickness and is especially bad in the afternoon and at night. With Anderson I had rough afternoons for about 2 weeks or so, but then it was gone and I felt great. The exhaustion is also a factor that is making me pretty miserable. Anderson starts back to Mom's Morning Out again on Wednesday, so hopefully I can get some rest. Pregnancy doesn't lend itself to chasing after an 18 month, and I am praying that these nasty symptoms only last for a couple of more weeks...maybe by then I can muster up the energy to take down my Christmas decorations...and no, sadly, I am not kidding!