Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Cupcake Party...

Last Saturday after telling our families about our sweet little girl we had several friends and neighbors over for a little "coming out" party! We had pink and blue cupcakes and everyone had to take a guess at the gender by picking pink or blue. Then Anderson came into the room with his hot pink shirt on to settle all the bets on baby Smith # 2. Of course everyone squealed when they figured out we were having a girl! It was so much fun getting all of the kids together for a little afternoon playtime! Carsyn and David Barton both just turned 2 and seeing our "big kids'" run around was just crazy...I swear it was yesterday that Stacie, Lisa and I were pregnant together! Time flies....

Moira and Jack...Lisa and David Barton

Beth and baby McKenna...Niccole and baby Sally...I wonder why they chose pink?? :-)

Stacie, Carsyn, Matt and Jennifer with Giuliana

Jeff "practicing" with McKenna


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