Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big Day Tomorrow...

Our big ultrasound for baby Smith #2 is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. I am very excited to see how much the baby has grown since the last time we saw it at 9 weeks. I am also a little nervous about all of the anatomy scans they will be doing tomorrow to check the heart and other major organs, spinal cord etc... so please say a little prayer for us that we see a very healthy baby tomorrow and that I don't drive myself crazy with the "What ifs..." between now and then.

If nausea is any sign of health for a baby then this one will come out qualifying for the Olympics! I am STILL sick! This morning it came on so quick that I didn't have time to get Anderson out of the bathroom. Bless his heart, he saw everything. It broke my heart to know that I might be scaring him. He really surprised me by exclaiming..."Oh No!" and walking up behind me to put his hand on my back. I guess little boys really do love their mommas like everyone says!

Our neighbors down the street...see this post...found out Monday that they are expecting a BOY! Henry Mills Smith (no relation) will be arriving around the same time as our sweet little one. I have really been feeling boy about our baby for a couple of weeks now, which is really confusing since I was convinced up until this point that it was a girl. However, a few strange circumstances have occurred in the last few days that might be pointing to a girl...for instance, Jeff was on a work related call with a woman who gave her name and Jeff had to do an absolute double take and ask her to repeat it. It was our girl name and her last name was SMITH. And, not that we are telling, but our girl name isn't a very common one! Even with that though I am still sort of feeling boy...hmmm...don't you just love surprises!


About our Family said...


I know how you feel with the sickness...mine is terrible and I have been sick on top of it!!! Christian watched me puke in the kitchen sink this morning and he freaked out a little! I feel terrible that he is not getting my full attention right now!

I hope that your baby is perfect in the ultrasound, I know he/she will be! I know how nerve wrecking that can be, but once you know all is good you can relax the rest of the pregnancy! Good luck and God Bless!