Sunday, March 23, 2008

A tale of two tails....

Easter bunny tails, that is! My sister Marcie was able to come down from Nashville for Easter weekend, so she met us at the mall for the ever frightening Easter Bunny Picture. Jeff and I were shocked that Anderson actually wasn't scared to death of the bunny (see the Santa fiasco post here)! Anderson was by no means thrilled to be sitting in his lap, but he was at least willing to fake it for a picture or two. The sweet little look on his face was like...."OK people, I'm indulging you...but you are on the clock. Get your pictures and then get me out of this gigantic Rabbit's lap!"

The next morning we attended the annual bunny breakfast at NorthRiver Yacht Club and our luck had definitely run out. He was not going for the bunny a second time...hence the picture with ALL THREE of us in it! HA!


Marcie Rogers said...

Lindsey - allow me to comment on how absolutely PROUD I am of you!!! Look at you putting hyperlinks in to other website and pictures...I guess my services are no longer required :( BEST WEEKEND EVER!!