Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our weekend in the 'Ham

This past weekend, Jeff left for the White Oak Lodge in Tuskegee for his annual firm retreat, and Anderson and I decided to make a little road trip. We went to Birmingham to stay with my friend Jennifer Cousins. She was brave to offer to let a 20 month old into her ADORABLE Homewood house, but she has 2 nephews and a niece so she knew what to expect...lots of curiosity! She even had a toy chest full of things for Anderson to play with...although sitting in the couch in her sunroom with a skylight directly overhead seemed to be his favorite thing to do!

We had a great time hanging out with Jennifer that day at the park. The weather was so nice that a million people were there! We called our other friend Julie (a fellow blogger...check out her link at the bottom right of my page) to bring her sweet little girl Bennett to meet us there. Anderson was so excited to see all of those kids and so many things to climb on...he was in little boy heaven! He even climbed a rock wall and slid down a slide by himself (with me VERY close by). He was so proud of his accomplishment! When he realized that he couldn't just roam wherever he wanted e.g. into the skateboarding area....yikes! he started to throw a fit. It was a doozy too and happened a few times within about 15 minutes. However, he didn't have a nap that day, so I was trying to cut him some slack! We have started the dreaded "Time-Out" though at home, which is another post entirely! ;-)

That night Jennifer cooked a very yummy meal for Julie and I while the kiddos hung out. Then Julie was off to put Bennett down and I put Anderson to bed and Jennifer and I got to catch up on everything that we never have time to talk about! We vegged out and watched entirely too much HGTV! Fun times! Sunday afternoon we headed back and so did Jeff. We missed Daddy, but had a great time in the 'ham!

I love this picture of Anderson looking at Bennett...it's like he's saying "So we are gonna have one of these things at our house soon?"


Mizerany Family said...

we loved seeing you both and catching up!