Thursday, May 1, 2008

Anderson's First Haircut!

Cool Chair!

Well at 22 months old, he finally actually needed a haircut...well he didn't really NEED it but he was starting to get a bit of a rat tail in the back and mommy couldn't have that! Poor little guy! It took him almost two years to have enough hair to need a haircut. I hope Lydia will not suffer that same fate!
I took him to my hairdresser Ric Patton at H2O. I have used Ric since I was 15 years old...that is coming up on a whopping 17 years! I am picky picky about my hair and that paired with its thick, course, curly texture (that I of course decide to straighten...not an easy task) made it hard to find anyone I really liked that did a good job as well. I even drove back and forth from Birmingham when I lived there to have him do my hair!

"Wow, Mommy...a sucker!"

We were really worried that he would freak out, but like I said we were just trimming a tiny bit off so I knew he wouldn't be in the chair for too long. I did bribe him with a cow sucker he got at school that week (they were studying farm animals) to keep a scene from ensuing since it is a rather upscale, adults only salon! He has never had a sucker before! He didn't even know what to do with it. I had to finally just shove it in his mouth so he would know it was candy! Ric was laughing at how protective I have been with Anderson and sugar/sweets. I figure that the longer I can hold off on that battle the better!

He never cried and did so well! I was very proud of my big boy! Enjoy the video and pictures.