Friday, July 25, 2008

37.5 Week Dr. Appointment Update

So here is the latest update.
Dr. Madden didn't want to check my cervix this morning since I am having a doesn't really matter how much I dilate. He told me that he is on call all weekend and that since I am now "full-term" (37 weeks) that if I had the slightest contractions to come in and he would take her this weekend. Of course with my luck, I hold out almost ZERO hope that it will actually happen this weekend.

He also changed my appt for next week from Friday to Thursday so that we can possibly plan a c-section for that Friday (August 1). He wouldn't make any promises, but since I would be 38 weeks and 4 days it is close enough to the 39 week point that he said he would highly consider it out of convenience for us. That would be a Friday and much easier to plan for than during the middle of the week. So maybe....keep your fingers, toes and whatever else you've got crossed we might have a baby this time next week....or sooner if I have another episode.

I am just so miserable at this point that I actually did lose it a little after the appointment. I did break down and cry a little. I am just so uncomfortable and sleep deprived. I miss being able to pick my son up and have a normal life (and body). Anderson has been in school everyday since July 4th which has helped tremendously, but today is his last day. Next week they are off for that one week and then he will start back the following Monday (Aug 4th) for three mornings a week. I am so depressed about next week. I will be here all day everyday with him with no help. I am sick for him because I know he will be bored and I simply don't have the energy to keep up with him. So please pray that something happens this weekend, or that I just hit a burst of energy that will help me keep up with Anderson next week.


Leigh Collins said...

I'm thinking about you! Maybe you will get that "nesting" energy spurt next week so that you can take advantage of those last precious moments with Anderson as an only child! Cherish them all!