Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all had a great holiday! We sort of had a lazy day today...I went into nesting overdrive and pretty much completely finished the nursery yesterday. I literally went and shopped until I found the last couple of items I needed to fill up the walls. I had no idea exactly what I wanted, but knew I'd know it when I saw it. Of course when I saw it...I had to alter it. Why is nothing easy?? After shopping for a couple of hours and finding what I needed it I re-painted 3 of the pieces and then we hung everything last night...whew...I was one tired pregnant lady. I still have a couple of things I want to fix before I post pictures, but I promise it will be soon.
At any rate, this morning we ran to Target for a few things and then tonight we had dinner at Miss Susie's house. Miss Susie is like Jeff's honorary mom in Tuscaloosa. She is incredibly special to us, so I thought she deserved her own blog post!

Jeff met Miss Susie through one of his army buddies, Henry. Henry was from Tuscaloosa and told Jeff towards the end of their army stint that he planned to return there to go to medical school. That was Jeff's plan too, although he had planned on attending Tennessee for undergrad. Henry needed a roommate and the rest was history. On a very short stay home while enlisted Jeff came to Tuscaloosa to enroll for the following year. Bless his heart, he was so broke that he slept in his truck outside of Rose Administration waiting for them to open the next morning so he could get all of the paperwork filled out. That morning he saw all of these beautiful girls everywhere walking back and forth to class. He thought "I am sooooo going to school here"...little did he know that he was parked right by sorority row! Of course all he saw were girls!!

Henry knew Miss Susie because she was a Microbiology Professor at the University and he had worked on a project with her while he was still in high school. From that point on she just sort of took him under her wing and was like a mom to him. So naturally, when Jeff moved in with Henry, Miss Susie took him in as well. She had never married or had any children, so as far as she was concerned these were her two odd looking little family they were. Jeff and Henry were both big strong young guys, but Jeff was white and Henry was black and the there is tiny little Miss Susie....they must have looked a little odd all together! She provided meal after meal for these guys and encouraged them both to follow their dreams in school. For Henry that resulted in an MD in Rheumatology (he livesand practices in Dallas with his wife Stacy now) and as for Jeff he obviously switched gears from medical school and decided to go to law school instead.

Fast forward several years and Jeff ended up becoming Miss Susie's neighbor. Her mother lived in the house next door to her, but after she passed away Jeff had just gone through his divorce and needed a place to live. He bought it and moved in. He was a bachelor, so Miss Susie kept him fed and he cut her grass and fixed things at her house all of the time. When I met him, I think I was more nervous about meeting her than his real parents because she lived right next door! Luckily, we hit it off and she now has accepted me as "deserving" of her sweet boy. However, I think when I had Anderson I gained major brownie points!! HA! We moved from that house just a few months after we married and we do miss her as our neighbor. We just needed more space...she wasn't happy, but eventually forgave us!

She has been a huge help with Anderson and truly loves every bone in his body! She is quick to offer to babysit and calls to check on him regularly. He loves her too and we love to hear him talk about "Miss Sooosy". We never worry about him getting around any germs...I mean...hello the woman made a career out of studying and teaching all about germs! What more can you ask for in a babysitter!
The pictures are from her dinner party tonight. It was very yummy and like all Miss Susie meals and gatherings...very well decorated! Seriously the first time I went for "dinner" at her house it was Fall. She had the table set with fine china and crystal (this was like a random Wednesday night by the way) and our places were labeled with pressed wax leaves with our names calligraphed in gold....the woman loves to entertain!