Friday, July 18, 2008

Is Lydia ready to make her (early) grand entrance?

Yesterday I noticed after I ate lunch that Lydia wasn't moving. Usually when I eat she moves a lot, but yesterday she was completely still. I didn't get too concerned, but decided I would lay down on my side and drink a cold bottle of water (another thing that usually gets her going). Still nothing. By then I was getting a little nervous. It had been almost an hour with no movement. I grabbed a regular coke and downed it and still nothing. By then I was panicked. I called Jeff and told him to come and get me to go to the hospital. Then I called the nurse, who agreed that I needed to come in for monitoring. Jeff and I both worried about Lydia, but tried to stay calm. Jeff was better at this than I was.

Once I got to the office they took us back to hear the heart tones. Luckily we happened to pass my Dr. in the hallway and he pretty much dropped everything and came with us. I love my Doctor...he has become a friend to me and Jeff, and I always feel so taken care of. He even gave us his personal numbers in case I go into labor when he isn't on call, so that he can come in a do the c-section himself. Anyway, instead of letting the nurses handle it he found the heart tones himself, which was music to all of our ears...but she still wasn't moving. They gave me a Mt. Dew to drink and after that she still wouldn't move. Then they put me on the monitor for a NST (Non Stress Test) where they monitor her heart rate for 20 minutes to make sure it has regular peaks and lows. For the first several minutes it was just a straight line, which is not what they wanted to see and then FINALLY she started to move and the test showed some variation in her heart rate. My Dr. looked at the tape and said that it was then textbook normal and healthy. Thank the Lord. She scared me to death, and Jeff was convinced that they were going to carry us straight over to L and D to have her delivered that afternoon. Thankfully that was not the case. Dr. Madden said we did the right thing and that no movement for a long time like that definitely warrants monitoring. During the NST we also learned that I was contracting and totally NOT feeling it, which is sort of weird. The body is a strange thing...

Several hours later I was home and my back started really hurting, so I got in the bathtub. The pain came in waves and was severe enough to bring me to tears a couple of times. It didn't take long for us to realize that they were contractions. I apparently was experiencing back labor...NOT FUN! They came every 10-15 minutes for about an hour and a half. At this point Jeff started running around charging cameras, packing his bag and getting my toiletries together. Finally about 10:00 they started tapering off. I continued to have them through the night, but they were much lighter and more spread out. This morning I have felt nada, zilch, they have stopped completely.

After doing a little research we think that yesterday she may have changed positions and that is what caused the non-movement incident and the back labor. Apparently if babies go into a "posterior" position it can result in back labor. So my guess is she is now head down sunny side up. We shall see. I go back and forth between thinking that these are all signs that her arrival is coming soon and thinking this is just my body preparing for labor 3 weeks from now. Who Knows? Only Lydia knows when she will be here! I go back to the Dr. Monday morning and after last nights contractions I am betting that I will be dilated even more. Please join us in continuing to pray for Lydia's safe arrival.


Leigh Collins said...

I am so glad that the contractions have stopped! You better let us know!