Monday, July 21, 2008

Home from the hospital...but no baby yet.

This is from Jeff...For those of you who don't know, we had to leave church Sunday to take
Lindsey to the hospital. Long story short, contractions 2-6 minutes apart for
about 7-8 hours. They wanted the baby to stay in for one more week, and if this
happens next sunday they will just take the baby. Anyway, we spent all
afternoon and last night in the hospital while the nurses used Lindsey like some
sort of Voodoo Doll (5 sticks for one IV). Her Contractions finally slacked off
a good bit early this morning, but could come back with out notice. Also, she
could be fine until August 8th as planned. They don't really know so we are just
playing the waiting game at this point. Her cervix had dialated some2-3 cm, but
they did'nt want to check her again until they were sure it had dialated and she
was progressing. Since the contractions slacked off, they wanted to leave well
enough alone.

They gave us the option of staying today for more monitoring in the hospital, or
going home and coming back if they got worse. We chose to come home as she can get better rest here than there and we can be back in
minutes if necessary. So we just got home after a comfortable night at "La Casa
de DCH".

I'll be hanging out here today looking after her and trying to get some sleep,
but if everything goes well today I'll be back in at work tommorrow for some hearings
that are scheduled. I'll keep you posted if things change. She is not on "bed
rest", but they wanted her to stay inside, off her feet and stay hydrated. She
is sleeping now, so no calls until tonight please.

Keep us in your prayers, we will need them as this could be a long week of
"touch and go" trips to the hospital if she decides to keep up the off and on



Joy said...

Thinking of you and will say a prayer for you and the baby.
Lawson's MeMe

Johanna said...

Hi. My name is Johanna. I read your blog often; I found it through a friend of mind's friends, friend.... something like that.:) Anyway, I just think you and your blog,and your family are darling, and I like reading your updates. My husband and I are pregnant with our first child, and its fun to read what other moms say. We live in Chicago. I am so sorry to hear that you are having some discomfort. I want you to know that I am saying prayers that everything works out well. It may sounds silly since you don't know me, but it's amazing how much you feel like you "know" someone when you read their blog. :) Be well!! (and to be fair, and so you don't feel like I am spying on you :), you can find me at

tracie said...

the girls in the nurery told me that anderson left but i didn't know why. i'm praying for y'all.