Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jesus loves me...

How many times have I sung this to Anderson and most recently to Lydia? I can't even tell you...I have lost count. Tonight as I sang it to Anderson before bedtime I thought of baby Harper.

"Jesus loves me this I know...For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to him belong...they are weak, but He is STRONG!"
That last line got caught in my throat a little tonight. I have prayed harder than I have in a really long time for this sweet little girl and her family. This morning as I sang in the midst of worship time at our church I thanked God that we have never known a trial such as this. I thank him that through one very difficult pregnancy, a baby that was a month early and another baby that was two weeks early we never were faced with the roller coaster of emotions the Stamps family has gone through in the last 72 hours. In church this morning I really felt a peace come over me that Harper will be Okay and I am believing God for it. Anderson has been praying with me today. I have asked him to join me in prayer so many times that now when I say "Will you fold your hands and pray with me" he says automatically "for that sick baby?".
Despite being told by the NICU nurse that she had a very bad feeling about the prospects of Harper making it through the night, Harper has improved a great deal today. She is still very critical and certainly not out of the woods, but God is showing his faithfulness in little steps like improvement in her blood pressure and not needing the heart lung bypass just yet.
Please continue to pray for Harper. Click on Harper's button on my side bar to see Kelly's blog for updates.