Saturday, January 17, 2009

After having Birthday cupcakes at school one morning...

Anderson: "We had cupcakes. It was mys birfday today mommy!"

Me: "No sweetie, your birthday is in June."

Anderson: "What means June Mommy?" ( I love how he says this. It is the same anytime he has a question about anything. He always says "what means ____?" instead of What does _____mean?)

Me: "June is a month. Like right now the month is January. Your birthday is in the month of June."

Anderson: dumbfounded and a little disappointed... "oh. I thought it was Leo's friend on Little Einsteins"

Me: "Well, actually you are right. Her name is June. June can be two things...a month and a name."

Anderson: "Then can I have two cupcakes?"

Welcome to my world friends...I'm telling you this child is going to wear us out! HA!


Mizerany Family said...

that is hilarious!