Friday, March 13, 2009

7 months

7 Month Stats:
18 lbs 2 oz
So, I am a little late with this post, but this has been a hectic time for us with snow, RSV, and all the other crazy stuff that goes on here! Lydia is getting SO big! Here are a few things about her for this month...
***Her weight is Skyrocketing! Even though this post is late the measurement of her weight was actually done right on her 7 month birthday...if you look back to our six month post you will quickly notice that she has gained a whopping 3 lbs in 4 weeks! Hello chunky monkey legs! Seriously, her legs are so thick and rolly! I could just squeeze and pinch them all day long! I can't wait for warm weather to come and stay so I can put her in sweet little bubbles that showcase those sweet chubby little legs! She is up to a size 3 diaper this month, but could really wear a 4. She has pretty much blown past the 6-9 month size clothes in her closet and is wearing 9-12 month items with ease. Wow, what a difference a month makes huh?
**She has not one, but TWO teeth!! We haven't noticed any fussiness or swollen gums, but on Sunday morning we went to a friend's hunting camp to take Anderson fishing and I thought I saw a little glimmer of white on her bottom gums, so I felt them and boy was I shocked to feel and see two sweet little teeth! They were pretty popped out too. I can't believe she just popped them right on out without showing any symptoms...she hasn't even really been gnawing or anything.
*** She is sitting up now and able to lower herself down to her back or tummy without bonking her head too hard on the ground. She is also EVERYWHERE! I lay out a large quilt that cover most of the center of our living room, but now she's only content to roll completely off it and play with the hardwoods. She is trying so hard to crawl, but hasn't gotten up on her knees yet. She just sort of does the army crawl or just maneuvers and rolls her body to get to something, which is pretty impressive to watch! HA!
*** She loves to screech and squeal and loves the reaction she gets from people when she does it. I think she is going to be like her momma- a talker. She loves trying to communicate. She still has the sweetest biggest smile and is always displaying it. She is such a happy baby. People comment on how content she is all the time. She truly is a very easy child with everything: eating, sleeping, entertaining herself, napping, going to strangers, etc... She is such a blessing to us and to Anderson!