Sunday, March 15, 2009

Date night

A couple of weeks ago (sorry for the delay in posting), Anderson and I had a mommy-son double date with our good friends Lisa and David Barton. Anderson and David Barton love to play together, so we knew that a night out with them would be a lot of fun. We went to McDonald's for dinner- I know, Lisa and I are pretty cheap dates, huh? The boys really enjoyed their Happy Meal prize, a cool spiderman toy.

After that we headed over to the Alabama Gymnastics meet. Anderson is so funny because when he says he wants to go to "awabama" he means the campus not the state! Ha! He doesn't differentiate between the Quad, Colosseum, Stadium,'s all "Awabama". Our friend Dana is the assistant coach for the team and was able to get us down closer to the floor with will-call tickets. We actually ended up on about the third row right behind the cheerleaders and right next to the band. It was awesome! I made Anderson take a pic with the cheerleaders, but as you can see he was unimpressed. It was nothing like the reaction he gave us when we saw the "sparkly belly girls" aka The Crimson Cabaret Dance Team. However, David Barton wouldn't even go near the cheerleaders, a point that Jeff intends to razz DB's daddy about! Ha!

We of course HAD to get some refreshments...the boys chose Dippin Dots and enjoyed every bite! David Barton ate his in about two seconds, while Anderson being the OCD child that he is, slowly lifted every individual bite to his mouth carefully avoiding any spills. It took him forever! Lisa laughed about him taking so long and being so neat...I told her it had nothing to do with wanting to stay neat. It was all about not dropping a single morsel!

The boys really enjoyed the blackout introduction complete with indoor fireworks. And of course Anderson loved hearing the fight song. They were very well behaved and hung in there for about an hour and a half before we decided it was time to get home. When we left they ran off some sugar by running in circles around the flagpole! Ha!! I really enjoyed getting to spend some alone time with my favorite little guy. He is such a little boy now- where did my baby go?? Lisa and I both reminisced about when we were pregnant with the boys and how that seemed like just yesterday. Now here are our sweet boys in polo shirts with their little gray New Balances on...where does the time go??


Melissa Echols said...

too cute! I love Anderson's shirt! Where did you get that?!