Monday, March 2, 2009

Back to the ER...

A teeny tiny hospital gown

We woke up to a still sick little Lydia Sunday morning. She was not keeping down her morning bottles and at one point when she had a coughing fit Jeff noticed some pink coming up with the mucus. We figured that may be par for the course but thought we should call the on-call Doctor just in case. When she called back and we explained what we had seen, she told us to go straight to the ER. She told us bright red blood would actually be better as it would mean it was just an irritated esophagus from the coughing and medicated breathing treatments. Pink blood actually meant there was a possibility it was lung tissue. With that possibility they didn't want to take any chances and sent us to the ER since it was Sunday morning and nothing else was really open yet.
Watching a video on Daddy's Blackberry

Did I mention that there was about 2 inches of snow on the ground? Oh yeah, and we have another child to make arrangements for...uggg! It has just not been our week. We scrambled to find a neighbor to leave Anderson with and pack a quick bag for him (Thank you Parhams!) Then we got some stuff for Lydia thrown into a bag and off we the snow! I was so worried about Lydia and what the xrays would show. Thankfully after 4 hours in the ER and a repeat x-ray we were given the all clear and sent home to continue antibiotics and breathing treatments. Thank goodness she is fine. Hopefully by the end of this week we can stop the breathing treatments and have a fully recovered baby girl!
To top off our wonderful weekend Anderson fell in the snow on our driveway and scratched his face...poor little guy!

I have some much more fun things to talk about/post about soon! I hope this is the last sickly post I make for a while! Stay tuned!


Melissa Echols said...

"When it rains, it pours!" I'm sorry to hear you had such a yucky week! I can't imagine all of that going on! I'm glad to see Lydia is fine! I hope everything starts to get better ;-)