Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well as most of you know we got quite a bit of snowfall last Sunday. We picked up around two inches here and some areas of the state got 3 or 4. We told Anderson on Saturday night that it would be snowing over night. Lately he has been watching this video of stunt snow skiers on our "On Demand" cable listing. The video just plays fast music and shows these (crazy) people snowing down cliffs and doing impossible jumps. He LOVES it. So all the way to bed he kept telling us when he woke up he was going to SKI! We tried to prepare him that we have not enough snow, no mountains, and certainly no skis...but he still had a bot of a freak out moment the next morning when he saw the snow and was told there would be no skiing. His mood improved, however, when we got him dressed and headed out to play in the white stuff!


Joy said...

Hello Smith Family, I wanted you to know that I have kept up with your blog for the last couple of months but have not had time to comment. We had a serious illness/hospital stay and houseguests for two months. Things have calmed down for the Lawsons and Longs so hopefully I can find time to comment now. My heart broke when I saw the picture of little Lydia taking her breathing treatments. You could tell that baby did not feel good and poor Anderson's lip! Also, I just have to say something about how much Lydia looks like her Mommy and how much Anderson looks like his Daddy.
Lawson's MeMe