Monday, March 23, 2009

Lydia's Baby Dedication

I know...I have been a bad, bad, bloggy momma! Things have been super busy around here. We have some big news...and NO, I am NOT pregnant! Ha! I'll post all of the fun details soon, I promise. For now though, I need to post some photographs from a very special day for our family. Lydia was dedicated at our church (Church of the Highlands) on March 15, 2009. We had a great day and really enjoyed praying over our little girl's life and celebrating her. So enjoy the photographs...Lydia Adelane

Both of my babies have a thing for fingers in their mouths

I love this picture...not sure why, but I just do.

Pastor Dave praying over Lydia's life.
This is wonderful photographic evidence of my children's personalities-
Lydia is sucking her thumb and quiet as a mouse...
Anderson, meanwhile, is trying to sin B-I-N-G-O into the mike (it wasn't on-thank goodness!)

"She's touching me..."

Her invitation

The cake

The Bible our church presented her with

Anderson wore a different gown (a little less frilly), but I wanted them to have something that they both wore on those special days, so when he was dedicated I had a slip mongrammed. Then I had it done with Lydia's name and date this time. Hopefully, this will be something all of our family babies can use.

Jeff and I bought her her first cross necklace. It's also her first piece of Hudson Poole jewelry!

Our baby sitter's parents are also jewelers and made this sweet pearl bracelet for her when she was born. It even has a little ivory elephant charm. She wore it for the service.

All of the guests except Jennifer Cousins...I think she wasn't there just yet.

From L to R: My mom, my sister-Marcie, her fiance- Justin, my stepmother, Martha, My Dad, My grandparents and last but not least, my best friend Ashley and her daughter Lily Kate.
Jeff's dad wasn't feeling so well and is actually waiting to have a heart procedure, so they weren't able to come. We missed them!
Auntie M

Dad and Martha with me and Anderson and Lydia

Mom, Marcie and Justin with all of us

My grandparents at lunch

Enjoying lasagna and salad


Joy said...

Sweet pictures. Beautiful family. So glad that you were just busy....I was worried that Lydia had gotten sick again.
Lawson's MeMe