Tuesday, March 10, 2009


How, you may ask, am I planning on linking a picture of Anderson in his new Batman jammies and a pic of Lydia trying so hard to crawl she can almost taste it...Literacy, that's how!

You know we love to read at this house (former professional hazzard for me!). Anderson has also caught the reading bug, and Lydia is even enjoying a little book time nearly every morning as well! Last Monday was Dr. Seuss's birthday, which kicked off Read Across America Week. To celebrate, Anderson's school had a "read-in" where the kids could wear their jammies to school and read books...let's just say that combination put our little guy in Heaven!! He felt so cool in his Batman jammies complete with cape! How big is my little boy getting?? It's just too fast!! Way too fast!

And now for this little gem...I was preparing for the small group I am leading on Thursday nights. We are studying Beth Moore's "Esther"...and LOVING it! So anyway, I had all of my materials spread out getting ready for the meeting later that night, and Lydia rolled her way on over to my book. I just had to snap a pic! She tried so hard to crawl to it, but she just hasn't quite mastered getting up on those knees just yet. I am seriously going to send this into Beth Moore if I can find an email address for her somewhere! I know she would get a kick out of her youngest student! HA!!


Mizerany Family said...

Look at that sweet smile on Lydia...too darn cute!