Friday, April 10, 2009

Catching up...

I know I am wayyyyy behind, but I am trying to catch up...

Last week Jeff and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe that we have accomplished so much in just 4 short years...a career change for me, a new home, and two sweet, sweet little ones. We are so blessed!

Jeff gifted me with this gorgeous arrangement. Isn't it beautiful? Anderson asked what the flowers were for and Jeff told him that we got married 4 years ago and he wanted to give mommy some flowers as a gift to remember that day. Then he showed him a photograph from our wedding. Anderson in his "Anderson way" sat and studied the picture for a moment and then looked up and asked "Daddy, was I at school that day?" It was hilarious! He wanted to know where he was and why he missed the party! :-)

We went to dinner at Kozy's to celebrate. It was AMAZING! Perfect atmosphere and scrumptious food! We enjoyed a romantic dinner (with no one to cut up food for!) and actually talked for the first time in has been a busy few weeks around here! It was so great to really reconnect.

When we came into the restaurant, Jeff saw a former client and went over to say hello. We told him we were there for our anniversary. After a few minutes, he and his date left and the waiter brought over the yummiest bottle of Pinot Noir from Jeff's client with wishes for a Happy Anniversary for us. It was so nice! It is also a testament to the kind of man I am blessed to be married to. People love him...they trust him, and he is so respected by friends and people in his professional circles as well. I am so proud to call him mine! I love you Jeff! Happy Anniversary!


Kellie said...

Happy Anniversary to you - Will and I are celebrating our 6 year tonight - it is actually Sunday!!!