Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last Thursday Anderson's class had their Easter Party. First of all can I just say that I love that he goes to a church based program where they can actually have an Easter party and call it an "Easter Party" instead of a generic..."Spring Celebration". I am also thankful that he has chapel everyday and is allowed, encouraged and taught how to pray...EVERYDAY! I love his school so much. We have been very pleased with it since we switched last summer. The teachers love him and he loves them. It is always clean, organized and the activities that they have planned everyday keep him inquisitive and anxious to learn. We really do just love it there. I am not posting the name for paranoia, errr...i mean security issues, but if I know you, and you live in town and want to know where we send him- just comment and I will e-mail you the name. Here is a precious video of their pre-lunch prayer!

I also love that I am able to stay home with Anderson and Lydia. It is so nice to be able to go to his parties without a huge ordeal. He just lights up when I come to "his" school! :-) Miss Heather asked if I could photograph the Easter party/egg hunt, so here are a few of the pics I was able to get of these ACTIVE little ones. Bless you Ms. Heather, Ms. Kellen and Ms. Meagan...I am not sure HOW you manage them all everyday!
A few of Anderson's classmates
Enjoying some yummy cupcakes....check out this ADORABLE Easter concoction compliments of Ella Gray's Mommy. Those are little bunny feet as the dive down (brownie) holes! How cute!!

Cute Will!

Miss Heather


Miss Meagan swinging Lydia...check out the bunny bow...could you just die at the cuteness?

Anderson and Allie taking a rest break during the hunt.

Ella Gray

Found one!

All the kiddos getting ready with their baskets!


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