Monday, April 20, 2009

A-Day Fun!

Well it was A-day again in Tuscaloosa. The Spring scrimage was covered on ESPN this year, and we still managed to pack the srands with 85, 000 fans! We wanted to take Anderson, who up until now has been to the quad and tailgated, but had never actually seen the inside of Bryant- Denny Stadium. It was a big day indeed!
We started off at my Aunt's house where we left Lydia for the afternoon.

Then we headed to the Quad where there was lots of fun stuff for the kiddos to do!

Anderson loves anything inflatible...the bigger the better!

And then he saw this gigantic slide and simply HAD to do it. As his father pointed out- he gets that adrenaline junkie-ness from me! I love a good challenge, rollar coaster, etc... Jeff- well, not so much! Ha!

Don't you just love that shot of his face...pure glee!

He had so much fun that he decided he need to up the fear factor by going head first!

Then we headed over to the Ezell's stadium house to tailgate and see some friends.

our sweet son got his first glimpse of the field where champions play!!
Here I am showing him the lay of the land.

Checking it out!

Love that sweet little hand on Daddy's back!

Roll Tide!

The MAN!!

The crowning glory to our wonderful day...Dippin Dots!!

And this was what my children looked like at the end of a VERY long day!


Joy said...

I love the picture of Anderson standing alone. You can feel how big the stadium is and how he is just a little boy. Also, I loved the dedication video. I laughed out loud. You will talk about that when he has his child's dedication!
Lawson's MeMe