Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12 months...a little late

12 Month Stats:

22 lbs 8 oz. (75th percentile) and 28 1/2 inches tall (25th percentile)

What Lydia is up to lately:
**** You are taking lots of steps and really enjoy walking. However, crawling is still your preferred method of getting around if you really want something. You took those first few important steps at your birthday party (just like your brother did at his). You walked to your Pop (Jeff's Dad).

****You are saying very plainly "Atticus" (our dog's name). You say it with a long and dramatic A like this: AAAAHHHH- cus. You are also saying "an-son" for your brother's name. You have lots of other little words that you spit out left and right, but we aren't sure what they mean yet!

****You are very vocal when you want something. I guess you will inherit my verbal skills (in other words you are going to be loud like your Momma) :-)

****You love food! You eat like a crazy person and cry when you are all done! You also don't want us cutting things into small pieces anymore. You always grab for the big piece that we are cutting off from. Your favorites are bananas and blueberry nutragrain bars!
****We turned your car seat around to face forward. You love being able to see out and watch movies with your brother on longer rides!
****You started Mom's Morning Out this week. You are going on two days a week and love it! You didn't even cry on the first day! Mommy was so proud of you!
We love you so much Baby Sister!!