Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Wedding...

I am a little late in posting this, but the bride is still on her honeymoon in Hawaii- so I'm not THAT late! HA! My youngest sister Marcie was married on Sat. July 25th in Birmingham. It was a fun weekend once we got up there, but a lot of work on the front and back end (packing for a family of four to stay in a hotel room for 2 nights). The whole weekend was perfect and everything went off without a hitch!

Well, unless you count the ring bearer (Anderson) RUNNING down the aisle while he giggled loudly. He actually passed me about 3/4 of the way down; he then somehow managed to bypass the babysitter and run up on the stage. He was supposed to be lead into an adjacent room right after his walk as not to be a distraction during the actual ceremony. He obviously had other plans. After some coaxing, a death look and strong grip from me he went willingly just before Auntie M walked down the aisle. Thank God! I'm not sure Auntie "M" even knows that happened, but she will when she reads this. :-)

Me, Sister Jennifer, Sister Marcie, Mom and my step-dad Mike
Three Sisters

At my mom's that morning for brunch. Aren't the roes Marcie gave us adorable??

My precious daughter, who turned one right about the time this picture was taken right before the ceremony.

She was an "honorary" flower girl since she couldn't walk yet.

Can you tell the silly mood Anderson was in?

How cool is this cake? They are mountain real mountains- as in they usually need oxygen. I thought this groom's cake was so funny!

The yummy cake!

My personal fave- the Macaroni and Cheese station!
Marcie has always been notoriously picky about food. We have often joked that she can sustain life on chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese and Diet Mtn. Dew. The only person more picky than her is Justin! So for their reception they had sort of Americana hamburgers, fried, rice, chips and salsa, was so them!


Several of Marcie's friends have gotten married recently and they have performed what they call "The girlfriend dance" at the receptions...even the mom's have learned the was so cute!

Marcie also had a special Birthday song played for Lydia since it was actually her birthday!

Daddy with his baby girl

What a cute shot!

Getting ready to leave...

...and they lived Happily Ever After!


Melissa Echols said...

Lindsey you look goregous in these pics! You look like you have lost weight too! I love the pictures! The cakes were so cool!