Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The McWane Center

Last Saturday we loaded up the kids and took a mini-trip to Birmingham to the McWane Science Center. We have been once before with my best friend Ashley and her two kiddos and I just never got around to posting the pics! so here is one...

Anyway...Anderson LOVED it. So I knew he would enjoy seeing it all over again with Daddy and Baby Sister this time. It is a 3 floor Children's Interactive Museum. Everything is Hands-On and Anderson's little mechanical brain goes into overdrive when we are there! He asks a million questions, and I love seeing his little brain absorbing all of that new information!

Of course we had to check out the brand new Shark/Stingray Exhibit.

Leaning in for a closer look! LOL!

Sister also loved the water floor. She was so animated when pointing at the fish that I am pretty sure if let in that tank she would have caught one with her own two hands!

Then we headed over to the water table...another of Anderson's favorite spots.

Lydia, meanwhile was playing in a "baby" area and decided to clap for herself after climbing this little block!

Here are a few shots of Anderson playing with the giant Lite Brite!

This thing was so cool. You stand still and the "butterflies" land on you and stay put.

Checking out the gigantic turtle fossil

My little Paleontologist getting ready to dig for Dinosaur bones. He insisted on putting the goggles on himself!

Touching the "touchable tornado" in the weather center

Daddy's face! Ha!

And Anderson's face when we told him it was time to go home! :-(


The Morris' said...

seriously...PLEASE call me next time you take them to mcwane!!! I desperately want to see all this in person!