Friday, August 28, 2009

A Random Anderson Post

Can I tell you how much I love this little boy who is growing up so fast before our very eyes! Now don't get me wrong- he has become very challenging and we are battling whining and being a bit too demanding, but for the most part he responds well to our "reminders" to drop those nasty habits...having said all of that- his little personality has just blossomed. There isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't crack us up with some comment!

Aunt Susan and Uncle Todd gave Anderson this adorable little "shaving set" for his birthday. He loves "playing Daddy" in the bathtub now!!

The other day Jeff brought him home from school at lunch and they passed the garbage debris truck, which was headed to our street. Anderson ran in to tell me it was coming, and I set up a little snack for him in front of the front door so he could watch them work. A few weeks ago I purchased a box set of DVDs from Target called "Mighty Machines" He LOVES it! If you have a boy- you need these DVD's! There is one on diggers/bulldozers, rescue cars, boats, and airplanes I think...anyway- he loves them!

Anderson has been waiting to turn "fwee" (three) so he can get his own library card in his name. We took care of that last week- and for those of you who think I am crazy to take pictures of that- just remember I was an English teacher for eight years prior to having children. His love of reading is something I will gladly celebrate any day! ;-)


Joy said...

The shaving set is so cute. I need to get Lawson one of them. Anderson is really growing fast. He is so handsome.
Lawson's MeMe