Friday, August 14, 2009

School Days...

Guess who had her VERY first day of school on Thursday?? This precious little sweet cheeks pictured below- that's who!

On our first morning- we are ready and even have our lunchbox packed!
Lydia with her fabulous teachers- Mrs. Lassiter and Mrs. Johnson


I just love when you can actually see God working all things for the good in your life in a practical everyday way. I think it serves as a constant reminder that even though he is a BIG God, he cares about all the little details in our lives. This past couple of weeks have been a great example of that for our household.

For those of you that may read this and don't know me-I'm not the most laid back mom. I recognize this about myself and try not to be uptight all the time, but I generally tend to be pretty involved and over the top where my children are concerned- anyone else out there?? :-)

ANYWAY- When Anderson got ready to go to school I researched every possible option in our city. I visited many of these places when I was pregnant because the waiting lists for the really good schools are notoriously long. To make a long story short I made my choice and it took him two years to get in part-time. In the meantime I sent him for a year to another school that I also loved and knew would be a great fit for us. Well, Lydia wasn't able to get into Anderson's school until she turns two- so I was left with the same predicament- where will I put her for the year prior??

Several friends of mine recommended a small school for their Mom's Morning Out Program and last winter I went to take a tour and meet the director. I was impressed with the facility and the director was incredible. She was a perfect balance of warm, but also very organized and a visible leader. Well, fast forward to last month and we find out she has left and there is a new director along with a few new teachers. I had a knot in my stomach. I just knew bad things were coming, but I tried to think positive.

Well, 2 weeks ago Jeff and I attended the Open House and it was a DISASTER! The director was not there and neither were lots of the teachers- a miscommunication had apparently occurred, but it left us feeling like we were boarding a sinking ship. I could have vomited right then and there! We are so used to Anderson being at such a wonderful school- this was new territory! I didn't sleep for two days. This was Thursday and she was supposed to start on Monday. There was no way to get her in anywhere else- she would have had to be on those waiting lists months ago. I leaned towards just skipping the whole thing and keeping her home with me another year. However- I know she needs to interact with other children and have a more structured schedule. I can't offer that at home! So we decided to go on Monday, but not leave her. Just take her to play for an hour or so while I filled out some paperwork (I had asked four times that it be mailed to me- again with the disorganization). Monday as I drive up I notice the "Ones", Lydia's class sitting under a tree in the front of the school. There was no gated area to keep the kids from wondering and it was about 10:30 and 100 degrees outside. There were also no blankets...these kids were literally sitting in the dirt. I knew right then and there this was not going to happen...

So, long story short- We made some calls and begged for some mercy and were able to get her in at a wonderful school downtown. It is a super small program, so they couldn't take her on the same days as Anderson. She will go on opposing days. Not ideal-since it means I will have ZERO time without at least one child with me, but compared to our alternatives it was the best option.

I attended their Open House and could have cried tears of joy by the time I left. It was an incredible school! Her teachers were a woman who retired in May from teaching kindergarten and a woman that had been teaching the ones at this school for 10 years! How great is that! These ladies were not there for a paycheck- they really want to be there with these sweet kiddos! The former teacher cracks me up- I call her Mrs. Claus! She has one of those southern drawls from South Alabama or Georgia. I could listen to her talk FOREVER! She had Lydia in a fit of giggles in about 2.5 seconds and this momma felt MUCH better! top it off I get to spend lots of time alone with this wild man! And on a side note (this entry is turning out to be WAY longer than I intended!)- he flipped out the morning we took her to school. I was so concerned about her being upset that it never crossed my mind that he may miss his sister terribly. As I was getting her lunch packed he told me over and over that they didn't have highchairs at her school and that she would get hungry so we should just let her stay home with us! How sweet is that? When I dropped her off and got her settled we went back to the car and he cried for about 10 minutes asking me to turn around and go get her. Throughout the morning he asked several times if it was time to pick her up yet- what a sweet boy! I hope he always loves his sister this much. I know they will bicker and fight, but I want them to be close. Yesterday gave me hope that we are doing a good job of instilling that in him!

So lesson learned- even though I was mad and bitter about having to find a school under such pressured and last minute circumstances God worked it for our good and she is in a wonderful environment where I won't worry. And while I was lamenting that they were on opposing days God showed me that a little one on one time may be exactly what my children need from me right now. :-)


Mizerany Family said...

Glad things worked out for you and Lydia's PDO. I love those fancy tables with the built-in seats!

The Langham's said...

Hi Lindsey,

I just found Marcie's and your blog. I love them both. Your children are ADORABLE!!! I just wanted to say hello.


Leigh Collins said...

Please tell Mrs. Lassiter that I said hello! My family has known her FOREVER! She had my brother as a 1st grader at TA and she is WONDERFUL!