Saturday, August 8, 2009


Below is a little clip of my sweet, perfect little angel trying to manipulate Mommy and Daddy to get his way! Ha! He has started this whole scheme to delay bedtime by acting like he is starving and needs "A wittle snack". Lately he has started faking illness...a cold or in this case a fever...who knew a cheese sandwich could cure a fever?? :-)

Another little funny: Today we were at the Galleria in Birmingham doing a little back to school shopping and Jeff had gotten up to get something. A woman walked by and asked if we needed the extra chair at our table. I replied that my husband was sitting there and would be back in a minute. Anderson looked at me and said- "I didn't know you had one of those Mommy- what's his name". The lady and I both laughed as I explained that my husband was his Daddy! :-)


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John and Elizabeth Fowler said...

too cute! you have a very funny little man :)