Sunday, June 17, 2007

The BEST dad in the world!

Well, today was indeed a special day...Father's day! I know that there are tons of cards, frames, mugs and maybe even a few ties that can be bought to help others declare that they have the "World's Greatest Dad", but Anderson and I have a secret...the world's greatest dad...truly the "real" greatest dad lives with us! :-)

So let me, at the risk of sounding completely boastful, make my case for my sweet hubby being the world's greatest dad...

When Anderson was only a couple of weeks old, I sat in the living room floor of a good friend's house sobbing...literally sobbing... about this HUGE problem I had (I am certain hormones had no impact whatsoever). My problem was this...Jeff was doing too much. He was making me feel well...a little... gulp, uneccesary (except for the breastfeeding thing...that was the one thing he couldn't do). He got up in the middle of the night to help with the baby, cooked dinner, gave the baby his baths, came to every lactation and pediatrician appointment ...even taking off from work for several of those! When he walked in from work he would whisk the baby from my arms and tell me to relax...he was on duty now. So after explaining these HORRID conditions to my friend, her response was exactly as it should have been. She said "So let me get this are upset because you feel like Jeff helps too much?? Are you crazy! Do you know how many new moms would die to have a husband that involved!!"

Not much has changed since then except for me complaining about it! HA! Jeff was born to be a father. As soon as Anderson was born it was like he found his life's purpose...the thing he had been waiting for all of those years! To this day I can count on one hand the number of baths I have given my son. That is daddy's special time. They splash and play forever in there! By the time he's done on most nights there is more water on the floor than in the tub! He also always feeds Anderson his last "Ba- Ba" and puts him down for the night. Jeff has come home countless times at lunch to rescue his very frazzled stay at home wife...always prevailing with a cool head and a generous heart..."go upstairs and take a nap...I've got him".
I don't just think my husband is the "greatest" dad for what he has already done. I know that Jeff has so much to teach our little boy in the future. My sincere prayer is that Anderson turns out EXACTLY like his dad...a man's man, but with a soft spot and ever-so the gentleman. I can see countless father son trips to go fishing, camping, and even duck hunting (against my better judgement, I'm sure) in the future. I hope Anderson will cherish all of these things when he grows up to be a dad himself...he will certainly have very big shoes to fill...