Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reflections on turning the big ONE!!

Get excited as I am that my precious little boy is turning one, I am a complete basket case emotionally! HA!! I guess mommy isn't quite ready for her baby to be a "big" boy now!! This means that I will probably do more than one sappy post this week as I reflect (and try to come to grips with) Anderson's first birthday. I have included several pictures in this post from Anderson's birth. The one at the top left is of me (I'm hoping you can't imagine me being that big and therefore don't recognize me!!) at about 1:30 am on June 22. My water broke about an hour before that, which was a huge surprise since it was five weeks ahead of schedule! Jeff and I both remained really calm...I'm surprised because that isn't normally like me, but I guess I had entered that realm where you know it is happening so you better get with it! We always knew preterm labor was in the cards since I had been on bedrest since The first of May, but I think we were still both shocked when it actually happened. Since I had steroid shots at an earlier stay in the hospital we felt like Anderson was going to be OK. We thought he may be in the NICU for a little while, but we expected a healthy baby. Looking back on it now, I realize how much of a blessing it was that Anderson was born as healthy as he was. He came out a whopping 7lbs 4 oz 5 weeks early...scares me to think what he would have been if I had gone to full term.

Since it was the middle of the night and we knew we were in for a c-section due to Anderson's breech position we decided it wasn't worth calling our parents since they couldn't make it there in time for the birth anyway. We called my Aunt since she was in town so that she could video the event for us. I took a shower, dried my hair and put on full makeup...if you know are laughing right now because that is SO me! Jeff kept saying...I think we should go to the hospital now...I was like...not yet...I haven't finished my hair. How ridiculous is that!! Well, don't worry because I paid for that decision in the end. About the time we got in the car to leave my contractions started. OOWWSA!! I was then wishing that maybe I had spent a little less time on my hair!! The drive to the hospital was so surreal. Just thinking that the next time we were in this car there would be this little baby in the backseat that was completely dependent on us was mind was made even more surreal because we were driving in the dead of the night with no cars on the road. It was a moment that neither of us will ever forget.

The C-section was a breeze and we welcomed our son into the world at 3:28 am. Jeff and I are still so grateful that it was the middle of the night so that we had time to bond with Anderson and catch our breath before the mob of people arrived a the hospital. Jeff even asked our OB if we could schedule the next one in the middle of the night...I wanted to hit one...are you kidding?? We just had this one! :-) Around 5:30 when I came out of recovery the phone calls began. Everyone was in complete shock that Anderson was here so early. That day we had over 25 visitors. Anderson was already a popular little man!!