Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fun at the Zoo!

This past Sunday we decided to take a short trip to the Birmingham Zoo! We have been meaning to take Anderson for a couple of months now, but this was the first weekend we could fit it in, so off we went. We were able to do the "Giraffe Encounter" where they allow you to step up on a platform and actually feed the giraffes. Anderson was a little concerned with such a large animal being that close to him. The look on his face in that picture is priceless...I wonder if he thought he was the food!

And of course with our little monkeypod we just had to check out the monkey exhibit! Anderson watched them swing around in their cages intently. We also took in the sea lion show and he loved that as well! He thought the splashing in and out of the water was so funny that he even started clapping. We also took a ride on the carousel and the ever popular choo choo train. It was a great afternoon to spend with just our little family. He has several Baby Einstein movies , but the ones with animals are always his favorite and generally garner his undivided attention. I can't help but think that little light bulbs were going off in his head when he saw these zoo animals. He must have been thinking...wait a minute...I've seen you before! Ha! Watching Anderson learn new things is our favorite way to spend this afternoon was a delight!