Sunday, June 10, 2007

Our Sweet Nelly...

Well this has been a very trying week at the Smith House. Our 6 year old chocolate lab Nelly passed away Saturday afternoon. She became lethargic and started refusing to eat last week, so we rushed her to the vet. Blood tests were run, and she was poked and prodded. The vet said she had developed a serious auto-immune disease that was causing her body to attack her own red blood cells and she was unable to make more to replace them. We remained hopeful that IV antibiotics might help her turn the corner and our reports from the vet every day last week were a roller coaster. One day she was better and then she'd be worse. My poor husband was a basketcase. I have never wished to take grief and worry from someone as much as I have with Jeff over the last few days. He had to leave for New Orleans on Thursday for work and he was worried that she might pass away while he was gone. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened. They think she had a sudden heart-attack caused by the lack of oxygen in her blood. We are grateful that she didn't suffer, and that this did not play out over weeks or even months, but it is still a hard reality to accept!

Nelly was Jeff's baby girl. He always said she was the best girlfriend he ever had...I think that was even including me! She was a talented duck hunting dog and enjoyed countless trips to Arkansas with Jeff over the last six years. She was the most gentle dog around Anderson. She just tolerated all of his "love pats" like a champ. Our Springer Spaniel, Atticus, is just as devestated as the rest of us...get ready to pull out the kleenexes...this afternoon after Jeff buried Nelly I went outside to spend some time with Atticus. I threw a ball for him and he went to get it and brought it right to the spot where Nelly was buried and left it there and howled. I thought I was going to come unglued! It was so sad, but so sweet at the same time. Atticus has never known life without Nelly and this will be a huge adjustment for him.

Sorry for the bummer post, but that is what is happening around here...hopefully with Anderson's first birthday coming up brighter days are on the horizon.