Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Teething really BITES!!

Anderson's teething has really set in now. He got his first two teeth when he was only about 4 months old. Just in time for our Christmas card. Apparently all he wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth! HA! Check out the photo we included in our cards last Christmas and you can see them all shiny and new!!

Well, since then he has gotten 7 more teeth! He handles it pretty well, but can get fussy sometimes. When his top front two came in he was turn making us miserable! The other day I went to change his crib sheet and low and behold, I thought surely my child did not do this! We must have a woodchuck running rampant through the house!

No wood chuck was ever found so I began sneaking a peek to try to catch our little man in the act. I caught him a few times and he didn't seem to care! In fact, I even got this adorable picture of him tearing into his new and fairly expensive crib!!!