Sunday, October 21, 2007

Congrats Dawn and Mike!!

This past weekend our good friends Dawn and Mike got hitched in Ohio! Dawn has been in my bible study group for the last 3 years and Mike and Jeff meet on Friday mornings for their own bible study. You may remember Dawn from Anderson's birthday extravaganza! She is the music therapist from the RISE school and played the guitar and did some fun and silly songs at his party.
We are so happy for them and can't wait to hear all about their big day when they get back!! These pictures are from a shower a few others from our group and myself hosted for Dawn a few weeks ago.

This group of women have had a huge impact on my life. We are a very close knit little clan that even earned us a knickname that is VERY Cheesy, but never fails to make us laugh...the "Soul Sisters". They prayed over my belly when I was pregnant with Anderson and have watched him grow and grow and grow! We have all shared so much, and I can't imagine missing Tuesday nights although I have had to attend the morning sessions lately due to childcare issues. They are a fun group and I miss them very much!!