Friday, October 12, 2007

On the subject of Lovies....

Anderson has never really felt much of an attachment for any particular toy or stuffed animal. As an infant he never took a passie. Each time I would try it, he would just look at me like "Look Lady...this "bottle" is broken...nothing is coming out!" However, lately he has taken an interest in two stuffed animals. The first is his stuffed elephant from Aunt Susan (my step-sister-in-law). At the time she gave it to him it was bigger than he was. I swear it is the softest thing I have ever seen! Anderson has a habit of pulling it around by it's trunk and then every once and a while tickling himself with it! I was lucky to get that shot on camera!! Of course now whenever Anderson sees an elephant he says in his adorable little toddler voice..."Tide!"

The second animal is Lambie. This was a gift from Anderson's cousin Anna. She lives in Tennessee, so we don't see her too often, but she is always so excited to see Anderson! On one trip when he was only a handful of months old she gave him lambie. Sweet, I thought...however, I didn't realize how important lambie was to Anna. When Andrea, Anna's mom, saw that Anna had give us lambie she was shocked! It had been Anna's favorite stuffed animal since she was a baby and still sat on her bed even as a 5th grader! It made me tear up a little to see Anderson hug on it so hard recently. These pictures are from this morning when he first woke up. All he wanted was his mommy and his lambie!


About our Family said...

Lindsey, that is so funny! I think Christian and Anderson should be friends because they seem to have a lot in common! He never took a pacifier either and never showed an interest in any blanket or stuffed toy until about a month or two ago! He has a lovie too, which he will not part with when he wakes up in the morning! Funny how they change so quickly!