Friday, October 5, 2007

A few random pictures...


Thursday night Jeff's friend Greg offered to come and watch Anderson so we could have a "date night" to comemerate our mini- Anniversary. Greg and Jeff are big duck hunters. They have been on many a trip to Arkansas to hunt and kill these poor defenseless little animals...I don't get it, but hey...he loves it!
So anyway...Jeff got out his duck caller when Greg came over and Anderson loved it! He had never seen one before, but somehow knew to put it up to his mouth and blow. He walked around for 20 minutes blowing it and smiling at the sound it made. Then he would force Jeff's mouth open with his hand and make him blow it.


On many mornings after Anderson is finished with his breakfast he walks to the back door and in a demanding voice points to it and says..."Out". I can't say no to those baby blues too often. This morning I gave in and got some cute pics of him on the back deck in his PJs! He loves seeing "AAAHHHH" (that's what he calls Atticus.

This morning he also tried to hatch an escape plan as seen with this picture of him trying to squeeze his head through the rails of the deck! He was so frustrated when his head didn't fit! he also LOVES swinging or going down the slide as you can see from these pictures taken a week or two ago. I am so glad he loves the outside. I can't wait until we start getting some fall weather!!