Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Fall Fun!

I warned you that I LOVE fall! We decided that even though Anderson attended boo at the zoo and the pumpkin patch he still needed a little more fall fun. Tuesday night we took him to campus for the annual Trick or Treat down sorority row.
I wish I had video of all the little sorority girls squealing "Awwwww....Charlie Brown" as he streaked by with utter indifference. Jeff says he can't wait to tell him in 20 years that he was more interested in potted plants on the porch than all 25 of the beautiful girls on each porch oohing and ahhhing over him.
I do have to tell on one poor sweet soul though...this poor little girl at the Pi Phi house asked me what he was and I replied "Charlie Brown" then she said with a sound of recollection...ohhhh followed up by the unfortunate question....which character is he from Charlie Brown? Wow!! That's really all I can say about that...

On Wednesday the mother ship FINALLY landed in t-town...Barnes and Noble!! Yeah!! I dropped off Anderson at school and headed over to check out the store. If you read this blog often you know that my absolute favorite place to be is a bookstore!! I spent the morning there...with Jeff calling to make sure I didn't get so caught up that I would forget to pick up our child! Anyway...I did pick up a goody for Anderson. A baby einstein video all about Christmas. I didn't even know they had one like that! I can't wait to break it out and properly introduce Ho Ho!!On Wednesday night Anderson had developed a bit of a cough so we stuck close to home. We only took Anderson to two houses in our neighborhood of close friends and then went over to our across the street neigbors (The Ingrams) for some chili and margaritas! Yum! We still had little man home and in the bed by 7:45 that night. THe next morning his cough was worse and I took him to the Dr. which leads to my next blog...