Thursday, May 22, 2008

4-D Ultrasound

We had our 4-D ultrasound this morning.Jeff and I were both very excited about the prospect of seeing what our little angel actually looks like! When we did this with Anderson we got some great pictures. We got some good ones this time around too but she was much more stubborn! Her head was firmly nestled against the placenta and that didn't leave for a lot of fluid around her face to get really good shots, but nonetheless we were definitely able to see her and she is healthy and still a girl! In a couple of the shots she is quite the Miss Priss HA! In the one at the very top of this post she has one hand pulled up to the side of her face and her chin is gently resting on the top of her other hand. In another shot she has her little legs crossed at the ankle...quite the little lady already!

We made the grave mistake of taking Anderson with us. I hate nothing more than going to an OB's office and watching some crazy mom chase around her small children her are inevitably loud, cranky and completely out of control. I have NEVER brought Anderson to an appointment, but in an effort to get him excited about his baby sister we thought we'd try it just this once. After all, he can actually tell it is a baby in a 4-d picture and it would be on a TV screen...A TV is a big deal around this house, so we thought he'd love it...WRONG! He went from perfect angel status to compete terror the moment we stepped into the office. The nurses kept saying he's fine, but he didn't want to be held and had zero interest in watching his baby sister on the monitor. It made for a bit of a stressful appointment for Jeff and me because we couldn't really concentrate on her which was disheartening, but also probably a good reminder of our new reality...two kids! There isn't as much time to concentrate on every "special" little thing with the second one when you are...oh, I don't know... just trying to keep the first one from messing with the buttons on the million dollar sonogram machine!

At any rate, she is perfectly healthy and snuggled up in my belly. I start going for appointments every two weeks now, which scares me to death because that means we are getting close, and I feel like there is still so much to do to prepare for her arrival! 10 weeks and counting!! We are making great progress in the nursery and Anderson's new room! I will put up pics when we are done! Flexing her foot!

Side by side...the ones in black and white are Anderson and the ones with the reddish/orange tint are Lydia. I think at least their little noses are the same! Their mouths seem to be a different shape though...what do you think?


Mizerany Family said...

I agree...their little noses look similar! I love all of the pictures, they are really good.

Marty, Peyton & Lily Grace James said...

She is beautiful Lindsey! I am so happy for you and especially happy you are having a little girl! They are so much fun!