Sunday, May 4, 2008

A "sprinkle" for Lydia

Sunday afternoon some very generous friends hosted a baby "sprinkle", not to be confused with a baby shower for Lydia and me. The invitation was adorable and the wording was perfect for a second baby.

I had a wonderful afternoon at NorthRiver with women that have really impacted and shaped my life in one way or another both in the past and the present. My bible study friends the "soul sisters" from our old church were there as well as many of the members of the small group Jeff and I lead at our new church. Most of the female members of mine and Jeff's family were able to make it, some driving 3 or more hours to attend. I also had a few lifelong childhood friends there and some new friends I have met through various playgroups since having Anderson. I was totally overwhelmed by all of the sweet, sweet gifts that this group of women gave in anticipation of our precious Lydia's arrival. It was so much fun to open all of the girly, frilly things. I am still in such awe to have been blessed with the experience of preparing for both a boy, with Anderson and now a girl, with Lydia.
Jennifer C., me and Ashley W.

Mom and me

Adorable gift!

Me and Karen W.

Most of the women in my family (and John)

Jeff's niece Anna, me, Jeff's mom Judy and his sister -in-law Andrea

The four preggies: Amy Smith, Nikki Richardson, Leila Holley and me. We are all due within a month of each other. All of us except Amy (this is her first) had boys the first time around within about 6 months of each other and the three of us are having girls for our second babies!!

Amy and I live three doors down from each other, both of our husbands are attorneys, we are both due on August 8th and our last names are both Smith...oh and we both wore the same dress...oops!

My favorite surprise guest. Jeff brought Anderson towards the end of the shower!