Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pregnancy update...

I had a spare second and thought I would give a little update on Lydia's progress. We are now in the third trimester and I am torn between counting down the days and wanting it to last longer because I don't feel ready!! At this point in my first pregnancy I was on bed rest due to pre-term contractions that they were having a hard time just the fact that I am still hanging in there with no major complications is a real blessing. Looking back on Anderson's birth is a little surreal to Jeff and me. We were so clueless to how badly all of that could have turned out. Now that we've had a baby and are a little more aware- ignorance is no longer bliss! It just seems so much more real and scary, so we are very thankful that this time around has been pretty uneventful!

I am having to go to physical therapy twice a week because Lydia shifted onto my sciatic nerve and it got to the point where when my back "caught" it would take my breath away and many times I wasn't able to move for a few seconds. A few times I had some minor contractions afterwards, so our Dr. sent me to PT for the rest of the pregnancy. At first I was mad and not wanting to go. Anderson only has school 3 mornings a week and now two of them I spend at PT...doesn't leave me much time to get anything else done. However, it has made such a difference in the way I feel that I now consider it worth it!! Besides it is mostly a heating pad and electrodes and a 20 minute lower back massage. It feels like heaven! Needless to say- I have made my peace with "having" to go now! Ha!

We have a little over 11 weeks left until this baby arrives, but I think because Anderson was so early I really am not counting on anything after 4th of July. She will probably go full term without incident, but for some reason I just want everything done pronto! I am truly driving my poor husband crazy! Anderson's big boy furniture is being delivered Tuesday and after that I can begin transferring all of his clothes and things to his new room and start washing Lydia's new items and putting them away in the nursery. The seamstress has all of the fabric for the nursery and is working on the bedding, curtain and side table cloth. I can't wait to see it all finished. It is all Lilac and white toiles and silks. She thinks she will have it done by mid June, so everything is coming together...I just need to be more patient!

Our next Dr. appointment is a week from today and it is our 4-d ultrasound. We can not wait!! Having that done with Anderson was the most incredible experience. We felt like we really knew him after seeing so many little details about his face. When he was born he looked exactly like the ultrasound picture to a T! We can't wait to see what our daughter looks like. We are taking Anderson to the appointment too. We've really been talking up the big brother role to help prepare him. He has 3 books on the subject and Jeff even bought him a small baby doll to play with. We have been working with him on holding it gently and giving it kisses, etc. Hopefully he will embrace his new role!

Ok, so that just about catches you up on Lady Lydia...we'll be sure to post her pictures next week, so check back in!


Mizerany Family said...

Bless you...hang in there. The 11 weeks will just fly by!

Leigh Collins said...

Oh how time flies! Before you know it, Lydia will be turning one! I am so glad to hear you are doing so well with this pregnancy - amazing how different every pregnancy can be! Hey, quick question, how did you get your background on your profile? I've created one, but cannot figure out how to get it to cover the whole page.

Kim Darnell said...

Awww...I'm so excited for you! Enjoyed reading your update about Lady Lydia :) Praying everything continues to go well.