Monday, May 19, 2008

Zippity Doo Dah...

This past weekend we loaded up the monkey and headed to Birmingham to visit with my family. Last weekend was also my Mother's birthday in addition to Mother's Day...but my poor mom had to move last weekend. This is the second year in a row she and Mike have moved on Mother's Day/her birthday weekend. My step-dad is a contractor and builds beautiful custom homes that they move into and somehow inevitably have either a realtor or private party inquire about buying. When there is a profit to be made they will sell the house and build the next one. They have moved 5 times in the last 6 or 7 years. One time the buyers even bought all of the furniture...I'm talking ALL...the bedroom sets, pictures on the wall, decorative frames and nicknacks, draperies, the rugs in the rooms...everything! Isn't that hilarious!! Mom was stoked because she got to pick out all new stuff! Anyway, they have sold their most recent house and moved into a rental until the new house is August. Yeah, cause we don't have anything going on in August! HA! Mom told Mike that she isn't moving until Sept. 1st so that she can help with the baby...needless to say I am very grateful for that!

So all of that to say we postponed our celebratory "mom" weekend until after their move! It really ended up working out perfectly because last weekend was Doo Dah Day, which is quite possibly my mother's favorite event besides maybe Christmas! Doo Dah day is held in two of the Southside area parks to raise money for the humane society. They have two stages with various bands, lots of food and drink vendors and best of all everyone brings their animals. It's mostly dogs, but we did see a snake, goat, parrot and pig this year! Anderson loved looking at all of the animals. As you can see he is wearing a harness/backpack. I swore that I would never put my child on a "leash", but he has been so bad about bolting off from us lately that it was the only way I felt comfortable taking him to such a crowded area. We took our dog, Atticus and met my Mom, Mike, their two dogs, my step-brother Todd and his wife Susan.My sister Marcie was even able to come down from Nashville and we got to meet her new boyfriend, Justin. We all hung out at the park, watched the pet parade and took in several of the bands while enjoying a gorgeous day outside!

That night we headed back to mom and Mike's house for a cook out for Mom's birthday. She opened her gifts and was so excited to get the book I created for her from Shutterfly. It was filled with pics of her and Anderson all in chronological order from the the last two years. The captions were from his point of view and pointed out what a great Gigi she is. Seriously...check out the look on her face when she opened it...priceless! The weather was so nice that evening that we even got to eat outside. We chatted and laughed until it was time for this preggo momma to hit the hay!

Sunday mom kept Anderson for a few hours while Jeff and I ran to Babies r Us to pick up a few things we still needed for Lydia. We had a great afternoon of being together just the two of us and preparing for our new baby without distraction. Then we went back to get the monkey and headed home. Now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!


Joy said...

It is interesting that you made the comment about a child harness. I have always disliked them but....times change. We just returned from Disney and I told Courtney that I thought we should get one for Lawson on the next trip. She agreed even though she had always said she would never use one. He is just too interested in everything going on around him. Got to keep these boys safe!
Lawson's MeMe