Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday was a great Mother's Day! We spent our morning at church and then headed out to Newk's for a yummy lunch! Jeff and Anderson both got me a card and the movie Juno, which I have been wanting to see for a while now. I told Jeff not to get me anything since we have spent so much money in the last month or two (landscaping, furniture for Anderson's new room and bedding for Lydia) and he broke the rule...but at least it was just a movie!

Yesterday afternoon, with Jeff's cooperation, I treated myself to an afternoon full of my favorite activity...sitting at Barnes and Noble for a full, blissfully quiet and uninterrupted 2 hours. I browsed books, read a magazine and read the WHOLE one sitting! That is quite the accomplishment for the mother of a two year old! HA! I wanted to pick up some great new fiction title, but I think I was paralyzed with the fear that the book I picked wouldn't be good. I was an avid reader at one point in my life, but lately all I've read are parenting/ pregnancy/ toddler discipline books. I am determined to read at least one good book before the baby arrives. However, if I am going to devote what little free time I have to reading it I want it to be great!! If you have read a good one lately comment and let me know. I am looking for suggestions. I loved Life of Pi, anything by Cassandra King, The Kiterunner and The Secret Life of Bees

When I got home, we did our normal late Sunday afternoon thing and took Anderson for a ride around the neighborhood on the golf cart. We got my friend Beth a little flower and took it to her for her first Mother's Day. Her husband died completely unexpectedly while she was still pregnant with their precious little McKenna. Since Daddies usually have to take over Mother's Day duties for such small babies, I wanted to make sure she felt special on that day. These are the types of things (little acts of kindness) that I want to explain to Anderson now that he's getting a little older and he was so cute...he held the little flower pot all the way there and we practiced saying "Happy Mother's Day, Ms. Beth", but when she finally answered the doorbell he just kind of froze! He wasn't even going to give her the flower until we reminded him that it was hers not his! Oh well you have to start somewhere right?

Speaking of her link to the right and check out her video. McKenna (at 4 months old) accepted the MBA that her Daddy was awarded posthumously at UA's Saturday made me cry, but it was so sweet at the same time to see everyone support Beth and McKenna with a huge round of applause.


Joy said...

I think you are raising Anderson to grow in to an amazing young man.I watched Beth's video. Tears, of course. She appears to be a strong woman! Finally, coffee (I know you can't have the coffee right now) and a book at Barnes and Noble can't be beat.
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