Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anderson's Christmas Party

I continue to feel totally blessed by Anderson's ability to attend his school. He has been there for almost two years now and we could not be happier. The teachers are so creative and patient with all of the children, and they always have some fun planned event going on- pony rides, visits from Big Al, Water days, pancake and PJ's days, etc...I swear I don't think I ever had this much fun in school! He is such a little sponge and is really soaking up every little lesson. I love that they learn by experience and are never made to "sit and do a worksheet".

For the Christmas party this year the teachers decided to work it into their regular "centers" time. Each center was a different activity that concerned cooking, counting, textures, etc...and they found a way to make each activity center around something fun and Christmas-related. Here are some photos from his Christmas Party:

Having calendar time

Reading "T'was the Night Before Christmas"

Making "reindeer food" with glitter and oatmeal

Holding up their reindeer food!

Playing Rudolph Golf

Sweet boy!!

Decorating his cupcake for dessert after lunch

Sprinkles, anyone??

Playing Snowman bingo with marshmallows

Playing Musical Chairs with friends

All of the boys brought a boy gift and all of the girls brought a girl gift. Anderson got this adorable book! He loves books and Dinosaurs- so he was super excited!!

Can you even stand that "cheese" grin! Ughhhh... we have hit the age of no fun for photography!

While we partied it up, Miss Lydia crashed the baby room and ate nearly an entire pizza herself! Ha!

Anderson's class in the commons are eating lunch

Anderson and Will

Some of the cute artwork they have been working on.

His favorite spot- "The book Nook"