Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas with Nana and Pop

A few weeks before Christmas we headed up to Tennessee to visit with Jeff's family and celebrate Christmas. The ride up was NOT fun! Anderson was great and so was Lydia- right up until the last hour that is. She screamed the entire last hour of the car ride. It was rough. She actually cried so hard that she made herself throw- up. It was not pretty! I will be so glad when traveling (to the beach, to Jeff's parents, etc) isn't such an ordeal! This is just a hard age because you just can't reason with them and tell them- "Hey, we are almost there!"
Once we did get there though, Nana and Pop were there ready to spoil both kids for the weekend!

We had a great visit with Jeff's brother Scott and his wife Andrea and their children, Ethan and Anna.

Opening presents!

Feeding her new baby doll!

She LOVES this turtle from Jeff's parents!

Uncle Scotty getting some assistance from Miss Lydia!

Jeff's Parents

Anna got a new puppy and of course Anderson was in LOVE! That poor dog didn't get a seconds rest.