Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Night with Gigi

We spent Christmas night in Birmingham with my Mom (Gigi) and that side of the family. We all had a great time having a wonderful dinner and then opening presents! Although- I think I have decided that next year I am going to ask that everyone take whatever toys they bought for my children and assemble them completely and the put them in a gift bag! Lol! I feel like I spent the entire night putting together toys...don't even get me started on what it takes to even get them out of the packages these days! Ha!

This is my all time favorite picture of the season. I love how hugged up they are and how happy those little faces are!

Mom with Lydia

Jeff and I after opening the ornament that Anderson made for us at school. It's his sweet little hand print!

Pop with his grands- Lydia and Bastian

Jeff with his favorite gift of the night! Just kidding- my mom wrapped it up for him as a joke. He has a serious addiction to Diet Dew!

Lydia's favorite gift was her baby stroller. She is all into baby dolls right now!

Anderson has a "Santa's Shoppe" at school every year. We send him with a list of people to buy for (usually immediate family) and some money. He gets to "shop" for what he wants for each person. It is a great way to gently remind him that it is important to give- not just get, get, get! He gave me the sweetest heart shaped necklace. I love it and will keep it forever!

Christmas Dinner

Lots of presents under Gigi's tree!

Lydia is sooo into accessories right now. She will make anything she can fit on her hand a bracelet! She loves hats, scarves, coats and most importantly shoes! By the night's end she had taken a real liking to Aunt Marcie's scarf and Aunt Susan's bracelets!

My step-brother Todd with his little one- Bastian

The closest we came to a family portrait!

My sweet boy!