Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hanging of the Greens...

Our church had a "Hanging of the Greens" Ceremony to kick- off the Advent season. The Wednesday night children's classes were asked to sing and her a story during the ceremony. Of course Jeff and I were nervous as a wreck- let's just say Anderson's track record for public performance is not stellar!

Well- he didn't disappoint! Someone thought it would be nice to light tiny little votive candles all along the banister- you know- right about eye level for a three year old. Then they decided to give them all a piece of hay while talking about Jesus in the manger. Now I don't know about you house, but at our house- Hay and fire are not a good and learn!

I love how he slowly isolates himself and gets as close to the banister as he can before looking up right at us as if to think- "hmmm...can I do this before they can physically get to me?" I am pretty sure you can hear me in the background quietly saying- "no-no-no....." Luckily the teacher swoops in a blows out the candle before he had the chance to torch the place!


The Langham's said...

Lindsey that is too funny! I think I remember some videos we have of Bryan doing similar things at our church as a preschooler. I guess boys just do that kind of thing. Your little ones are SO precious!