Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning!

Santa did not disappoint for Christmas 2009 at the Smith House! For Anderson- this has been a very "Batman" year, and his presents from Santa and pretty much everyone else reflected that. His most coveted gift that he asked for over and over again was the Batman Cave or as he sometimes called it the Batman Cave. Even when he sat on Santa's lap this year he asked very specifically for that one item. When I prompted him to ask Santa for something for Lydia (since she was crying too hard to actually sit in Santa's lap) he told Santa that sister also wanted a "girl" batman castle. I guess he was going to make doubly sure that a batman castle did indeed arrive at our house that night! He also got a great Alabama big boy bike that he loves to ride!

As for Lydia- The only thing she is really into is Barney. Leave it to my daughter to become attached to a 20 year old television show/character. Barney was EVERYWHERE back in the day, but it is hard to find Barney stuff now. He obsession started with a stay at my Aunt and Uncles house while we traveled to Atlanta for the UA vs Virginia Tech season opener. Barney was the cartoon of the time period when their boys were preschool-aged, so Uncle Chris looked up some old episodes on You Tube and Lydia was mesmerized! To this day- it is the only show I can count on her watching all the way through. She just loves the music and dancing! She also got a nice little kitchen set to play with. It has been a huge hit!

Love the bed head!

Here are a few pics from our morning...enjoy!

Love her gasping! This is a great pic of her reaction!

I heart tippy toes!!

How in the world is my baby big enough to ride a real bike! It has training wheels, but I am still in shock every time I see him riding it. Where does the time go?

One of Jeff's presents!

A few of mine!

Playing on Anderson's new video game system

Settling in for a long winter's nap!