Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3 Months

I feel like I should still be talking about Lydia's life in terms of days or maybe at the most weeks, but to say she is months...as in plural, multiple months old is amazing to me. I feel like she just got here!! However, the calendar doesn't lie and baby sister is now 3 months old. So here are a few things for memories sake...

1. She is still a completely happy and content baby. She has only had one melt down in her sweet little life and we still aren't sure what caused it. I kind of think she is teething, but we have yet to see one pop through yet. I want to feel around in there for a tooth, but I am a little paranoid about putting my hands in her mouth now that it is cold and flu season. I know I can wash my hands, but I am still not curious enough to risk it...yet.

2. She is starting (or I should say "I") am starting to produce a stricter schedule. She generally is going through the eat, wake time, sleep cycle that we learned from Babywise. It worked wonderfully for Anderson and it is working well for her too.

We went through a rough spell about a week and a half ago that I thought was a growth spurt. She would eat and then about 1 hour or so later would start fussing and I would think...you have got to be kidding. I JUST fed you. I was really getting discouraged and physically nursing her every hour or two was wearing me out!! I was even considering giving up nursing thinking that maybe I just didn't have enough supply anymore. Luckily, I took a step back and took a deep breath and suddenly realized that she wasn't hungry- she was fussing because she was tired. Before then she just wasn't quite as aware of her surroundings and could go to sleep wherever, whenever. Now she needed a little help decompressing and getting to sleep. So I reread most of Babywise and we started a schedule hard core the next day. I fed her every three hours and she played for 45 min to 1 hour after each feeding and then I either swaddled her or rocked her for a bit to help her settle in for a nap. It worked like a charm. She stopped fussing and I stopped stressing about nursing...it was a Win Win!

Now we are stretching the feedings to about 4 hours. I also put her down at 10:00 and she is sleeping until about 8:30 most mornings, which is great because it gives me time to get up and eat as well as get Anderson settled with breakfast and some sort of activity. She is my angel baby...I seriously can't believe my luck in getting such and easy little one that sleeps so well!!

3. She is a bit of a ham when you give her lots of attention. She loves to smile and coo. Her favorite position is to be held upright and look over you shoulder. She HATES being cradled like a baby. Anderson was the same way. Once he could hold his head up he wanted to look around at his little world.

4. She still won't take a passy, but has become a big fan of thumbsucking. It is so funny to watch her root around for it. Often when she finally gets her thumb in her mouth she will give a couple of good suck and then she will sort of let out this little sigh and a smile. I am sure I will battle with how to get her to stop sucking it at some point, but for now I am going to let her do it especially since it is so adorable to watch and helps her be content.

5. She is still rolling over and challenging herself physically. She gets very vocal during tummy time and loves holding her head up and facing out if she is sitting on your lap. She also loves to lock her little knees out and "stand". She thinks she is a big girl when doing that and just gets so tickled with herself!