Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our first LIVE play

You have to wear one of these...

and some of these...

When you are going to see this guy!

Last weekend we took Anderson to his very first live show. We saw Elmo Makes Music in Birmingham, and he loved it! His eyes just lit up when all of the characters entered the stage. He pretty much stayed put for most of the show, but did get a little restless towards the end. The show was all about Jenny (possibly THE most annoying overacting I've ever seen!) who was the new music teacher on Sesame Street. The moving truck got lost and it had all of her instruments, so Elmo and the gang spent the entire show making instruments and using them in little side songs and skits. Some of our favorites were "Rockin' Robin" by Big Bird and "Staying Alive" featuring Bert in a white leisure suit a la John Travolta. It was pretty cute stuff! However, after a while even Jeff was like..."Jeez Ms. Jenny- I'll go buy you some instruments so you can end this show and I won't have to contain my two year old anymore!"

And of course Anderson racked up with an Elmo flashlight thingie which we have very rarely been able to pry from his hand in the last week!